Decoration (97)

Oh Mon Dieu No.69 Gift Set

Dhs. 1,325.00

Macchia Su Macchia Set of 6 Flamingo Tumblers

Dhs. 2,925.00

St. Barths Freedom

Dhs. 545.00

Hajj and the Arts of Pilgrimage

Dhs. 1,120.00

Bali Mystique

Dhs. 545.00

Art Life by Sig Bergamin

Dhs. 545.00

Athens Riviera

Dhs. 545.00

Paris Chic

Dhs. 545.00

Amalfi Coast

Dhs. 545.00

Capri Dolce Vita

Dhs. 545.00

Saudi Arabia: Jeddah Al-Balad

Dhs. 545.00

Sheikh Zayed: An Eternal Legacy

Dhs. 5,995.00

Jean Michel Frank

Dhs. 1,435.00


Dhs. 1,435.00

New York by New York

Dhs. 1,435.00

Pierre Cardin (French)

Dhs. 1,120.00


Dhs. 1,120.00

Valentino: At the Emperor's Table

Dhs. 860.00

Bosphorus Private

Dhs. 545.00

Palm Beach

Dhs. 545.00

St. Moritz Chic

Dhs. 545.00

St. Tropez Soleil

Dhs. 545.00

Art Deco Style

Dhs. 545.00

Art House

Dhs. 545.00

Maximalism by Sig Bergamin

Dhs. 545.00

Michele Bonan: The Gentleman of Style

Dhs. 545.00

Uzbekistan: The Road to Samarkand

Dhs. 545.00

Uzbekistan: Avant-Garde Orientalists

Dhs. 545.00

Venetian Chic

Dhs. 545.00

Uzbekistan: Russian Avant-Garde

Dhs. 545.00

Saudi Arabia : Red Sea, the Saudi Coast

Dhs. 545.00

Egypt Game Book

Dhs. 290.00

The French Riviera in the 1920s

Dhs. 1,120.00

Mykonos Muse

Dhs. 545.00

Wild Nature vase -Large

Dhs. 5,985.00

Box - Haas crocodile multicolor - Limited Edition

Dhs. 17,125.00

Kelly Behun Leaf Oval Bowl

Dhs. 1,300.00

Kelly Behun Smoke Oak Platter on stand

Dhs. 2,235.00

Kelly Behun Leaf Bowl on Stand

Dhs. 1,535.00

Kelly Behun Lazy Susan big

Dhs. 4,010.00

Kelly Behun Lazy Susan

Dhs. 2,950.00

Kelly Behun High Rise Server large

Dhs. 6,590.00

Small Kelly Behun High Rise Server

Dhs. 3,885.00

transparent & white insalatiera lente bianca

Dhs. 385.00

Lito Eye Bookend

Dhs. 1,580.00

Vintage blue Murano glass brandy balloon/vase

Dhs. 1,680.00

Vintage Blue murano Glass Brandy XL

Dhs. 1,680.00

Vintage Blue Murano Glass Brandy balloon

Dhs. 1,470.00

Rattan Round Mirror -

Dhs. 890.00

Blooming Meadow Vase Medium

Dhs. 4,755.00

Spring Planting vase - Small

Dhs. 2,675.00

Ice Ball vase - small

Dhs. 2,675.00

Dolce Vita Vase - Medium

Dhs. 5,199.00

Merrymaking Vase - Tall

Dhs. 3,120.00


Dhs. 3,450.00

Prickly Luigi

Dhs. 550.00


Dhs. 935.00


Dhs. 935.00

Haas Beehive Honey Pot

Dhs. 880.00

Haas Lynda Box

Dhs. 2,235.00

Bowl - Swan white Small

Dhs. 990.00

Candle -Macchia Flora Scented Candle

Dhs. 2,585.00

Candle -Macchia Ginger Scented Candle

Dhs. 2,585.00

Candle - Macchia Riviera scented candle

Dhs. 2,585.00

Candle - Macchia Selva scented candle

Dhs. 2,585.00

Mirror- Raindrops Siver Wall mirror

Dhs. 7,500.00

Vase - Lady Nunzia

Dhs. 4,300.00

Vase- The Lemon Man

Dhs. 2,135.00

Candle-MILLEFIORI Scented Medium

Dhs. 1,370.00

Vase - Eye lito green

Dhs. 1,460.00


Dhs. 1,900.00


Dhs. 115.00


Dhs. 250.00


Dhs. 1,200.00

Jasmin d'Inde No.6 Candle small

Dhs. 565.00

Thé Russe No.75 Candle Small

Dhs. 565.00

Chiaroscuro Tapestry by Alexander Mc Queen

Dhs. 39,745.00

Candle Chiavi - Otto scent 300gr

Dhs. 820.00

Vase - Modern Sultan

Dhs. 1,870.00

Tray off the moon tray round

Dhs. 1,610.00

Nayef Pyramid Mirror

Dhs. 19,500.00

Lito Paperweight

Dhs. 1,580.00

Venetian Mirror

Dhs. 5,465.00

On Mon Dieu Candle - Parfums De Voyage No. 69

Dhs. 565.00

Diamond Mirror

Dhs. 4,345.00

Silver Super Star Mirror

Dhs. 5,000.00

Open Leaves

Dhs. 8,934.00

Wall Sculpture Fan

Dhs. 4,100.00

Table Lamp Dob U

Dhs. 3,200.00