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Ceiling (38)

6 Arm Chandelier

Dhs. 20,000.00

Universe 3 Arm Chandelier

Dhs. 17,500.00

1950's Murano Venini Crystal

Dhs. 9,901.00

Bamboo Style Lantern

Dhs. 4,860.00

MC Sputnik Chandelier Large

Dhs. 35,600.00

Petlamp Esperara Siapedra

Dhs. 2,415.00

Vintage Green Art Deco Chandelier

Dhs. 5,670.00

1950's Copper Opaline Chandelier

Dhs. 4,830.00

1950's Yellow Opaline Chandelier

Dhs. 3,780.00

Vintage Brass Chandelier

Dhs. 4,830.00

Olvidada Triple Chandelier

Dhs. 13,000.00

Olvidada Chandelier Single

Dhs. 4,000.00

Vintage Beaded Chandelier Medium

Dhs. 4,600.00

Vintage Beaded Chandelier Medium

Dhs. 4,600.00

Vintage Murano Glass Chandelier

Dhs. 14,985.00

Vintage Beaded Chandelier Large

Dhs. 8,165.00

Butterfly Chandelier Small

Dhs. 20,340.00

Vintage Beaded Chandelier Small

Dhs. 3,500.00

Butterfly Chandelier

Dhs. 40,670.00

Chandelier 05

Dhs. 16,700.00

Chandelier 03

Dhs. 9,700.00

Black Clay Beaded Chandelier

Dhs. 17,640.00

Vintage Maria Therese Chandelier

Dhs. 3,780.00