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        Accessories (46)

        1950's Panel Mirror

        Dhs. 2,545.00

        Vase - Modern Sultan

        Dhs. 1,870.00

        Modern Odalisque Ceramic Vase

        Dhs. 1,870.00

        Ball Body Vase Red

        Dhs. 1,600.00

        Ball Body Vase Light Blue

        Dhs. 1,600.00

        Vase- Colorful Lady Odalisque Med. Dim: H24 cm

        Dhs. 1,735.00

        Mirror- Souky Black mirror Dimensions : W 61 x H 97 cm

        Dhs. 10,360.00

        Ann Carrington Curate's Egg

        Dhs. 82,500.00

        Elephant Noir Candle

        Dhs. 524.00

        Umbrella Bowl

        Dhs. 270.00

        Bois d'Or Candle

        Dhs. 900.00

        Lito Bookend

        Dhs. 1,090.00

        Wine Cooler Lucy

        Dhs. 2,690.00

        Metal Spike Magnifier

        Dhs. 855.00

        Metal Deco Magnifier

        Dhs. 895.00

        CLO Candle Holder Large

        Dhs. 6,800.00

        Ming Vase

        Dhs. 680.00

        Running Cheetah

        Dhs. 3,685.00

        Table Lamp Dob U

        Dhs. 3,200.00
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