Exclusive Distributor for The Rug Company in UAE.

14 x 10 (9)

Tidal Bamoo Silk by David Rockwell

Dhs. 40,897.00

Split Bright by Paul Smith

Dhs. 60,807.00

Shard Rug

Dhs. 30,490.00

Reflections Silver by Allegra Hicks

Dhs. 68,711.00

Fold Rug

Dhs. 40,632.00

Sam's Stone with Silk Border F & B

Dhs. 34,069.00

Fold Rug

Dhs. 40,765.00

Almond Blue by Allegra Hicks

Dhs. 54,639.00

Key Shadow by Suzanne Sharp

Dhs. 48,884.00