Exclusive Distributor for The Rug Company in UAE.

12 x 9 (23)


Dhs. 75,410.00

Meridian Sand

Dhs. 63,760.00

Channels Indigo by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 57,910.00

Brink Smoke by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 63,482.00

Quantum Rug

Dhs. 31,649.00

Capitone Rug by Jaime Hayon

Dhs. 52,531.00


Dhs. 23,226.00

Split Bright

Dhs. 6,321.00


Dhs. 3,180.00

California Poppy by Rodarte

Dhs. 57,550.00

Mohair Saphire Rug

Dhs. 37,050.00

Alpaca Hide

Dhs. 31,081.00

Tracery Gold by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 56,305.00

Deco Spiral by Tim Gosling

Dhs. 45,955.00

South Ridge Pink by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Dhs. 53,202.00

Ponti Silk by Suzanne Sharp

Dhs. 57,494.00

Medina Textured (056106)

Dhs. 41,296.00

Deco Diamond Light by Tim Gosling

Dhs. 46,080.00

Cityscape by Sam Turner

Dhs. 23,604.00

Python Glory by Diane Von Furstenberg

Dhs. 57,702.00

Aarambha Bamboo Silk

Dhs. 27,606.00

Rif Light

Dhs. 12,087.00

Parallax by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 31,389.00