Exclusive Distributor for The Rug Company in UAE.

10 x 8 (36)

Culver Mint Perennials

Dhs. 17,109.00

Escorial by Lorenzo Castillo

Dhs. 20,443.00

Verge Ice by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 51,793.00

Witton Bright by Jonathan Saunders

Dhs. 31,440.00

Tracery by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 42,831.00

Tidal Bamboo Silk David Rockwell

Dhs. 23,645.00

Tidal Bamboo Silk by David Rockwell

Dhs. 23,645.00

Stingray Neutral byAlexandra Champalimaud

Dhs. 32,907.00

Star Silk Charcoal by Helen Amy Murray

Dhs. 56,729.00

Star Silk Charcoal Helen Amy Murray

Dhs. 56,547.00

Star Silk by Helen Amy Murray

Dhs. 57,606.00

Star Silk by Helen Amy Murray

Dhs. 57,007.00

Staccato Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 56,410.00

Split Light by Paul Smith

Dhs. 34,992.00

Almond Blue by Allegra Hicks

Dhs. 31,085.00


Dhs. 23,226.00

Rif Light

Dhs. 12,087.00

South Ridge Teal by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Dhs. 39,469.00

Cirrus by Winch Design

Dhs. 47,979.00

Lola Rug by David Rockwell

Dhs. 28,102.00

Culver Terracotta Perennials

Dhs. 17,109.00

Parallax by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 31,389.00

Palms by Allegra Hicks

Dhs. 31,313.00

Paint Stripe by Paul Smith

Dhs. 34,485.00

Hue Rug

Dhs. 47,168.00

Festival by Paul Smith

Dhs. 34,880.00

Farah Ruby by Nicole Fuller

Dhs. 39,404.00

Alma by Jaime Gili

Dhs. 31,669.00

Carmona Handloom

Dhs. 30,781.00

Brushstrokes By Elie Saab

Dhs. 47,476.00

Brink Dusk by Kelly Wearstler

Dhs. 46,809.00

Bamboo Border Charcoal

Dhs. 17,532.00

Bamboo Border Blue

Dhs. 17,532.00

Wisteria by Adam Hunter

Dhs. 47,630.00