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The Odd Piece (134)

Vase - Modern Sultan

Dhs. 1,870.00

Modern Odalisque Ceramic Vase

Dhs. 1,870.00

Ball Body Vase Red

Dhs. 1,600.00

Ball Body Vase Light Blue

Dhs. 1,600.00

Vase- Colorful Lady Odalisque Med. Dim: H24 cm

Dhs. 1,735.00

Solar Flair wall sculpture Dim: 76 x D13 x 22cm

Dhs. 0.00

Gallop wall sculpture Dim: L124 x D20 x H 64 cm

Dhs. 3,500.00

Mirror- Souky Black mirror Dimensions : W 61 x H 97 cm

Dhs. 10,360.00

Console Table - A Marble Base with Walnut Wood Top: Dimensions W 180 x D 35 x H 81 cm

Dhs. 58,000.00

Side Table -Off the Moon Brass and Black

Dhs. 2,620.00

Mother of Pearls Arabesque Sofa

Dhs. 29,000.00

Gaudi Calvet Chair

Dhs. 28,000.00

Memphis Dining Table

Dhs. 39,910.00

Bordeaux Side Table

Dhs. 6,800.00

Fan Mirror

Dhs. 6,000.00

Furry Grey Mirror

Dhs. 5,800.00

Nayef Pyramid Mirror

Dhs. 19,500.00

White Leather Swan Sofa

Dhs. 35,826.00

Vintage Full Length Mirror

Dhs. 13,055.00

1950's Panel Mirror

Dhs. 2,545.00

Colored Glass Wooden Cabinet

Dhs. 33,551.00

Armchair with Foot Stool by Jaime Hayon

Dhs. 32,900.00

Venetian Mirror

Dhs. 5,465.00

Vintage Glass Coffee Table

Dhs. 13,800.00

Wooden Ivory Mirror

Dhs. 12,579.00

Tile Wall Sculpture

Dhs. 15,500.00

Mirror with Green Stone

Dhs. 17,030.00

Double Neon Wall Light

Dhs. 9,600.00

Stand By Me Side Table

Dhs. 3,900.00

Rose Selavy

Dhs. 18,350.00

Alma Bar Stool

Dhs. 6,850.00

Diamond Table

Dhs. 4,800.00

Leda Armchair by Salvador Dali

Dhs. 103,950.00

Vintage 1960's Club Armchair

Dhs. 8,000.00

Enamel Coffee Table

Dhs. 4,300.00

Vintage Italian Onyx Dining Table

Dhs. 68,607.00

Vintage -1970's Dining Table

Dhs. 64,050.00

Ann Carrington Curate's Egg

Dhs. 82,500.00

Universe 3 Arm Chandelier

Dhs. 17,500.00

Bamboo Style Lantern

Dhs. 4,860.00

Elephant Noir Candle

Dhs. 524.00

Bois d'Or Candle

Dhs. 900.00

Lito Bookend

Dhs. 1,090.00

Olvidada Chandelier Single

Dhs. 4,000.00

Palmery Floor Lamp

Dhs. 7,800.00

Curtis Jere House

Dhs. 8,350.00

Wine Cooler Lucy

Dhs. 2,690.00

Metal Spike Magnifier

Dhs. 855.00

Metal Deco Magnifier

Dhs. 895.00

CLO Candle Holder Large

Dhs. 6,800.00

Ming Vase

Dhs. 680.00

Open Leaves

Dhs. 8,934.00

Running Cheetah

Dhs. 3,685.00

Wall Sculpture Fan

Dhs. 4,100.00

Schedir Mirror

Dhs. 3,500.00

Diamond Mirror

Dhs. 4,345.00

Silver Super Star Mirror

Dhs. 5,000.00

Panel of Convex Mirrors

Dhs. 4,620.00

Butterfly Chandelier

Dhs. 40,670.00

Floor Lamp 01

Dhs. 6,900.00

Chandelier 05

Dhs. 16,700.00

Chandelier 03

Dhs. 9,700.00

Palmery Floor Lamp

Dhs. 7,800.00

Table Lamp Dob U

Dhs. 3,200.00